Boarding at Lone Ridge is about quality and care

As owner/operators, we live and work on the farm allowing us to provide personal care for your horse.

We proudly offer a very well maintained facility with many on-site amenities:  Premium indoor lighting throughout the barn and indoor arena, wash bay, humidity controlled newly remodeled tack room with individual tack cabinets, climate controlled viewing room, outdoor arena and sand round pen, and trails.  Friendly, educated and well experienced staff ensure your boarding experience is of the highest quality.

We offer exceptional indoor arena footing IGK LiteStride Dust Free Horse Arena Footing 


Services that are provided with board along with the above amenities:

  • All horses are implicated into a de-worming schedule
  • We provide virtually free choice quality grass/alfalfa blend hay produced here on the farm or purchased through our trusted hay suppliers. 
  • We also provide Purina Strategy when needed to supplement our forage based diet.
  • Stall horses can be fed grain twice daily as needed and we will happily feed any supplements or other brands of grain that you provide.
  • All of our stalls are rubber matted, bedded with shaving or pellets, and are cleaned at least twice daily.
  • Stall board includes turnout, heated buckets, fans, fly mask/fly spray service, and limited blanketing.
  • Turnouts have free choice mineral blocks, automatic waterers, free choice quality hay or grass pasture supplemented with hay as needed.
  • We use Spalding Fly Predators as a biological fly control system.  Fly Predators are tiny insects, the natural enemy of flies, and do not bother people or animals.  They will burrow into fly pupa in the cocoon stage and kill immature flies before they reach the adult stage.  Fly Predators are a naturally occurring species who numbers are reduced in most domesticated areas due to their low tolerance to pesticides.  Flies still are present in large numbers due to their pesticide resistance.  Through our implication of Fly Predator control system,we reduce the need to use the typical fly repellents and pesticides. This creates a safer environment for the horses, other animals, and for humans in contact with such chemicals.

Services available at additional cost:

  • Shavings, pelleted feed, and hay beyond the amount needed for an average horse are provided at an extra cost.
  • For your convenience we offer a handling service for a small fee when you are unable to personally handle your horse for veterinarian visits and farrier care. 
  • We have some lesson horse availability for hourly lease to boarders.
  • Transportation for your horse can be provided based on availability.
  • Medications, hand walking, and other basic medical care
  • Exercise or training rides and lunging are also available.


We are more than happy to talk to you about all that Lone Ridge has to offer. Please contact us with any questions you have about the facilities, care program, or our credentials.  Thank you for considering us for the care of your horse!